A downloadable Proyect Lonely


Made with GMS2 to improve all. Sept 2018.

Test Room in dev.

the firts steps to test room. Sept 2017.

Proyect Lonely (in development)
It places us in the role of a detective in the capital, whose life has been marked by a misfortune in the early days of his career, and which is now embroiled in surprising problems of public order that will face for the good of the city I swear to protect.

We will solve your cases and investigate accidents and traumatic events of your own life in search of finding peace making connections between your past, present and future.

2019/01/09 - I just uploaded an executable of the game in its primary version. Also an image of the current view.

I apologize, the version I am working on is already playable but has many bugs

(Soon I will be adding more details, images, maybe videos, about the development of this videogame).


proyectLonely2017 3 MB


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Yep, soon.